Thursday, May 14, 2009

springtime in beijing


chinese people work hard...and always as it seems.
especially in construction you may observe how a building or a highway progresses every hour.
so nothing but normal to take a rest from time to time...

art studenfts from xian

in shanghai i met art students from the academy of xian. together with their professor they invited me to discover their work. as they were teached traditionnal chinese painting, i learned a lot about all the symbols and stories behind these paintings.
it was also interesting to hear they see all these traditionnal influences even in contemporary architecture and art.
for me it's only skyscraper and colourful, sometimes a bit provocative artwork...for them all has the same roots in chinese history and culture.
finally i spent some time with duan jing, xiâo f'ù and zhang fang in the old chinese town of shanghai. as i liked a lot xiâo fù's "4 seasons" paintings, i was allowed to bring one of her study work to beijing, where i put it on the wall of my studio. i think i'll work on this subject by my way...

all that is china

a mix of pics...non-thematic...from the lonely soldier to the flower in the nighttrain to beijing...